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Hetkeksi vielä Hollantiin, ja Arnhemin modernin taiteen museoon (MMKA eli Museum voor Moderne Konst Arnhem). Vliscon kankaat ovat ihmeellinen oma maailmansa. Näyttely synnytti kiihkeän kaukokaipuun.

”The Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem will present Six Yards Guaranteed Dutch Design, an exhibition about how Vlisco’s Dutch textiles
became a part of various West African cultures and found their way into
international fashion, the visual arts, and photography. The exhibition
Six Yards is a tribute to Vlisco textiles: over a hundred years old,
born in Indonesia, designed in the Netherlands, loved in Africa, and
desired in the West. These colourful fabrics make their way to fashion
shows in Paris, the markets in Ghana, and galleries in London and New