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Törmäsin brittiläiseen, jo kuopattuun tv-sarjaan ”Black Books”. Nevöhööd, mutta kiinnostus heräsi!

”Bernard Black is the proprietor of his small bookshop, Black Books.
The series revolves around the lives of Bernard, Manny and Fran. A
central theme is Bernard’s odd position as a belligerent and openly
hostile shopkeeper who has a loathing of the outside world and all the
people who inhabit it, except his oldest friend, Fran, who initially ran
a trendy bric-a-brac shop, Nifty Gifty, next-door to the shop.

Bernard displays little enthusiasm or interest in retail (or, indeed,
anything outside drinking, smoking and reading) and actively avoids
having to interact with anyone, even inside his shop, as he has a
personal dislike of his customers, treating his bookshop more like a
personal library. It is suggested that Fran and Bernard once slept
together, but now they remain happy to be friends, sharing a love of
smoking heavily and drinking to excess. Fran otherwise has a rather
hopeless love life.” – Wikipedia

Onko sarja tuttu lukijoillemme? Kannattaako katsoa?